WHOSENT.ME card addition


A  WHOSENT.ME card that will be attached to your  BreakInBox order.

Once your order is processed you will receive an email with login credentials, you will build the Game and choose or upload media to be presented to the solver.

We recommend reading about WHOSENT.ME cards by following this link.

WHOSENT.ME cards require basic English to build and solve puzzles.

ONLY WHEN the game is FINALIZED will we ship the package to its destination – so please build the game ASAP (it only takes a couple of minutes).

The package receiver will have to solve your puzzle game to learn who sent the gift.





The cards are 6*9.5 centimeters when folded, which is 12*9.5 centimeters when open.

Each card displays login credentials: Card ID and Code, as well as the url of the login page.

Additional information

Breakinbox set color

white, orange, blue, black, red, light-blue, yellow, purple, green


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