BreakInBox Personal Birthday challenge

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A personalized riddle based on details of the solver: name, gender, and date of birth

There is an option to upload a picture that the solver will see when he solves the challenge

You can choose the locked container attached to the puzzle – a bottle containing chocolate gravel, a variety of wines, or an empty jar you can fill.

The Personalized birthday challenge – rated medium on our difficulty scale.

Personalized challenge:
A personalized challenge is a challenge that uses the personal data you provide in some parts of the challenge.
Once you’ve placed your order, you will get an email to the email address you provided containing instructions and a link to the challenge-building questionnaire.
You also have the option to upload an image of your choice and the solver will see it once they solve the challenge.
Only after we see your challenge is ready will we ship it out.

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chocolate gravel bottle, Tulip-cabernet sauvignon, Tulip-espero white, Galil mountain- bar white, Galil mountain-bar merlot, an empty jar


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